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Service "Life tests" Eng "Life Tests" (Hayot testlari) service is a portal with various tests for all situations.

Subscribers can find answers to various questions about life and read articles with useful tips or interesting life stories.

The content of the portal is updated every week. The portal has different categories: for women, men, students, drivers, businessmen and others.

In addition, the portal gives you the opportunity to expand your horizons by reading articles on topics such as preparing a resume, raising children, family rules, interviewing, preparing for exams, etc.

The first day of using the portal is free.

From the second day, the daily subscription fee is 842 UZS (including VAT).
Tariffing is carried out by invisible incoming SMS from the number 5869.
If there is not enough money in the balance to fully withdraw the subscriber's fee (842 UZS), half of the money - 421 UZS - will be charged from the subscriber. In this case, access will be open only to certain pages of the portal.

Procedure for connecting / disconnecting the service.

To activate the subscription, send any message (except СТОП, STOP, STOP1) to 5868. In response to the activation request, the subscriber will receive an SMS confirming the registration, detailed information about the service, it’s cost and terms, cancellation policy and web link.
To deactivate the subscription, send an SMS request with the code STOP (СТОП) to 5868 or STOP1 to the same number for invisible deactivation of the subscription, as well as for termination.

You can also send a subscription request from the portal.

Contact center number: +998712000520
842 UZS (with NDS)
421 UZS (with VAT)
Fluent Worlds Fluent Worlds is the most effective digital way to learn English through real-world communication and interaction. The service is available on iOS and Android for mobile devices and on Windows for desktops.
To activate the service, the Subscriber must send the corresponding SMS command 1 or F to the short number 5868. By sending a request for the short number of the service, the Subscriber activates a daily subscription to the service. After confirmation of the subscription / registration by the Subscriber, an SMS is sent to him informing the Subscriber about his/her connection to the service, as well as the address of the Internet resource, from where the subscriber can download the service application.
The cost of a daily subscription is 1263 UZS including VAT. The first subscription fee/connection to the content service is charged immediately after confirmation of the subscription/registration by the Subscriber. The subscription fee is charged from the Subscriber every day until the Subscriber refuses the service or when the subscriber`s number is terminated. The subscriber is not sent an SMS informing about the debiting of the daily subscription fee.
If there is no sufficient amount on the Subscriber's account (1263 sum), the service will not be available to the Subscriber until the next payment.

Service disconnection procedure.
To deactivate the service, the subscriber must send an SMS command STOPFW or СТОПФВ to the short number 5868.
Daily billing is carried out by sending SMS from the short number 9901.
5868, 9901 1263 UZS/day
Video Ring Back Tone Description of the service:
Video Ring Back Tone (VRBT) service is an innovative entertainment service that will allow the caller to enjoy watching videos on the screen of his smartphone instead of a boring tone, set by the called party on every call.

Any subscriber, who has subscribed to the VRBT service, can install the application on smartphones with the Android operating system using the link and activate it.
Videos for the ring tone can be downloaded both from your own gallery and from the video content offered in the application or from various sites (for example, YouTube, etc.).
The service is developed for both Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers. To watch the video ring tone, both subscribers must subscribe to the service, install the application and be connected to the Internet.

Subscription price: 842 soums per day. For charging the subscription fee, the short number 8091 will be used.

Service activation / deactivation procedure:
In order to subscribe to the service, subscribers need to send an SMS message with any word (except for the deactivation keywords: СТОП, STOP) to the short number 8090.

To disconnect from the service, you must send a free SMS with the word "STOP" or "СТОП" to the service number 8090.
8090, 8091 842 soums/ Daily subscription
"Kingdom of Music"  The "Kingdom of Music" service (Musiqalar Saltanati) is a service based on the world's popular game "Guess the Tune". This fun online music test gives users the opportunity to guess songs on a wheel through their musical skills.
The user spins the wheel and gets random music on the wheel with points. If the user answers correctly (guesses the music or singer in 10-15 seconds), he/she scores points. The service is available in all browsers on the portal.
At the end of each month, 1 subscriber with the most points is selected as the winner.

To subscribe to the service:
- send SMS with any word (except STOP, STOP, Stop1, Stopall) to 6303.
- subscribe via the Landing Page:

To unsubscribe from the service:
- send SMS with the word STOP or STOP to 6303.

Terms of connection and billing:
At the first connection, all subscribers get access to the game for free for 1 day.
From the second day of connection (in the case of the first connection to the service), a subscription fee of UZS 1263 including VAT will be deducted from the subscriber's account every day.
If the subscriber doesn't have enough funds on balance, he/she will be charged a partial fee (UZS 842 including VAT or UZS 421 including VAT).
The subscriber gets points and access to the game according to the paid amount.
Having paid UZS 1263, a subscriber gets 150 points and an opportunity to spin the wheel 21 times and guess 21 fragments; paying UZS 842, a subscriber gets 100 points and an opportunity to spin the wheel 14 times and guess 14 fragments; and paying UZS 421 - 50 points and an opportunity to spin the wheel 7 times and guess 7 fragments.
Subscribers also earn points for each correct answer. Points for correct answers vary depending on the level of difficulty of the questions and are displayed on the portal as the wheel rotates.  Subscribers have an opportunity to increase their points and receive additional pieces of music by sending additional requests with the key words Da, Yes, Ha, OK, 100 to 6303. The cost of each additional request is UZS 1263 including VAT. Also, when requesting an additional package of questions, if the subscriber does not have enough funds on the account to pay the full amount, partial billing will also be applied. Depending on the type of billing (full/partial), the subscriber gets the appropriate number of points and opportunities to spin the wheel.
More information is available at
263 UZS (including VAT)
842 UZS (including VAT)
421 UZS (including VAT)


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