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Service name Service description Service number Price, including VAT - video service from Smart Mobile Group with exclusive musical, educational and humorous content.
     In order to start watching the video, the user needs to subscribe to the service. To do this, from a smartphone, the subscriber needs to go to the website, then click on any video, after identifying the device by number, a form with a "subscribe" button will appear if the subscriber clicks the subscribe button, then an SMS with a code will be sent to his number, and only after entering the code into the form and pressing the "OK" button, the subscriber will successfully subscribe to the service. The cost of the service is 1000 UZS with VAT per day. The first day of subscribing to the service is free; if you subscribe to the service again, the subscription fee is charged from the first day of subscription.
To unsubscribe from the service, the subscriber must send an SMS with the word STOP to the short number 0790 from his mobile device, from which he previously subscribed to this service.

More details on the website:
1000 UZS (with VAT)
The World of Prizes SMS-quiz The World of Prizes SMS-quiz is an interactive intellectual game with an opportunity to win cash prizes.
         SMS quiz is SMS service where a subscriber answers questions on various topics. For example, history, art, music, cinema, health, sports, science and technology. Therefore, the subscriber checks and expands knowledge and horizons.
         In order to subscribe to the "World of Prizes" service, the subscriber must send any SMS to the short number 0780. The first stage of this quiz lasts 360 days.
         According to the rules of the quiz, each active subscriber receives 15 basic questions daily on his phone for a monthly fee of 900 UZS per day, including VAT (Tariffication is made through an invisible incoming SMS from a short SMS number 0781). If the subscription fee has not been charged from the user, the сustomer will not receive questions until he pays the subscription fee.

Correct and incorrect answers of subscribers are equated to points: correct answer - 10 points, incorrect - 5 points.
As a bonus, when the participant answers correctly in a row to
  5 questions, he gets an additional 10 points
  15 questions - additional 15 points
  45 questions - an additional 20 points.
          Further, after answering all 15 basic questions, an active subscriber has the opportunity to receive an additional 30 paid questions on the same day, each question for 100 UZS with VAT (Billing is made through an invisible incoming SMS from a short SMS number 0782). This naturally increases his chances of winning, answering them correctly increases the number of points. To receive paid questions, the subscriber needs to send the number 5 to the short SMS number 0780, thereby confirming his readiness to receive paid questions.
Each active subscriber - participant of the quiz has a chance to win four types of prizes:

1) Daily prize, no more than three times for the entire period of the quiz.
2) 10-day prize, no more than once for the entire period of the quiz.
3) 30-day prize, no more than once for the entire period of the quiz.
4) Super prize, no more than once for the entire period of the quiz.

After calculating the amount of points and summing up the results, the winners are selected. In the case when several subscribers participating in the quiz gain the same number of points, the subscriber who spent the least amount of time on answers becomes the winner. The total time for all answers will be taken into account: from the moment the question is received to the moment it is answered (including hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds). If the subscriber unsubscribed from the service, then all accumulated points, except for the day of unsubscription, are canceled automatically.

Cash prizes:
Smart Mobile Group offers the following types of prizes:
The daily prize is 200,000 UZS without tax deduction. (It is played every day based on the results of calculating the amount of points for 1 day). The daily prize is drawn every day, including on the days of the 10-day, 30-day and super prizes.
10-day prize - 500,000 UZS without deduction of taxes (It is played on the 11th day of the quiz based on the results of calculating the amount of points for 10 days).
30-day prize - 1,000,000 UZS without tax deduction. (It is played on the 31st day of the quiz based on the results of calculating the amount of points for 30 days).
360-day prize (Super prize) - 30,000,000 UZS without tax (Drawn on 361 days of the quiz based on the results of calculating the amount of points for 360 days).

3. The order of activation/deactivation of the service.

         In order to activate to the World of Prizes service, the user must send any SMS to the short number 0780. To unsubscribe from the service, the user must send an SMS with the number 9 to the short number 0780 from his mobile device from which he previously activated this service ...

SMS with the text "Stop1" to 3141 is used to unsubscribe from all services of the content provider.
"101" to 3141 - the command is used for self-unsubscribing of the user from all services of the content provider.
"9" - the command is used for independent direct unsubscription of the user from the provider's services. The command is sent to the service number 0780.
"Info1" - the command is used to get the subscriber a list of all services provided by the content provider to which he is subscribed. The command is sent to service number 3141.
0 UZS for each message

900 UZS for each message

100 UZS for each message
Greetings and congratulations on radio Diydor. To send greetings and congratulations on radio Diydor send the keyword “GAP” and the “text of greetings or congratulations” to the short number 8464. 8464 1 684 sum
Subscription to information and entertainment services Send one of the keywords indicated below to the short number and depending on the selected package, get information on the topics indicated in the following table without time limitations from 3140 short number. To subscribe, send the keyword to the number 3141 3141, 3140 0 sum. Cost of one incoming SMS-message during subscription is – 168.4 sum
Voice portal GAP By calling the short number 0750, you will be able to access exciting and informative services on psychology, useful advice about love, information for housewives.  In order to use the "Voice portal GAP" services you need to call the number 0750. After this you can select one of two languages by pressing buttons 1 (UZB) or 2 (rus). In the main menu of the portal, you can sign up for one of the three services To disable the service through the IVR menu, you must enter the Personal Cabinet and act according to the menu of the "Voice portal GAP".
To disable the service using SMS, you must send 1 to the number 0750.
0750, 0751 800 sum/day
Voice portal of useful advice To use the service "Voice portal of useful tips" one should call the short number 0611 and act according to the voice prompts assistant.
By calling the service number 0611, you can select the needed section of the portal by pressing the phone's keypad
0611 1 263 sum


Keyword Information Package
Subscriptions without terms limitation
FF SMS about love
LS Sayings about love
ZR Poems about missing
PL Personality Psychology
PS Psychology of family relations
PR Psychology of career
SH Psychology of communication
VL Psychology of love
ST Psychology of feelings
PT Psychology of happiness
RZ Psychology of self-developement
RN Love psychology
NS Advices for those who in love
SS Love SMS for her
NN Love SMS for him
ZS Wise words of love
ZZ Love confessions for her
RR Love confessions for him
LZ Love aphorisms
ZN Love poems

Dear subscribers! We kindly request you to review the commands which are necessary to send with the SMS-message for receiving desired content. If the subscriber dials and sends wrong commands for receiving desired content upon use of SMS-service, money means of wrong SMS-messages are not paid back.

Text of SMS-message shall not be more than 160 symbols in Latin and 67 in Cyrillic.

To unsubscribe please send STOP gap keyword (example STOP PL). To unsubscribe from all services please send STOP to the short number 3141. All services are provided in Uzbek language.

Support service of content-provider: +998712051145. Web-site:



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