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Kids portal Kids portal is a unique educational service for children from 0 to 16 years old. The portal includes content on various topics, popular cartoons and animated series, films, as well as many educational programs, books, fairy tales, games and music. In order to subscribe to “Kids portal” service, you need to send SMS to the short number 4024 with the code word "DA". Subscription price is 1263 soums per day with VAT. To disable the service, you must send an SMS to the short number 4024 with the code word “STOP”. For charging the subscription fee, the short number 4025 will be used. 4024, 4025 1263 soum/day
“Complement” service The Compliment service is a unique service of mobile dating and communication on any topics. At any time and in any place with a mobile phone or Internet access, subscribers get access to the portal of communication and dating among Ucell subscribers. The portal features registration, form filling, contact search, messaging, maintaining a list of friends, blocking unwanted contacts.

In order to subscribe to “Compliment” service, the subscriber must send an SMS with “DA” code word to short number 4020. The subscription price is 505.2 soums/day with VAT. After authorization, the subscriber can register his profile on the portal, get access to a quick search for profiles, get the opportunity to comment and rate photos of users, follow updates from friends.

To deactivate the service, it is necessary to send an SMS to the short number 4020 with code word “STOP”.

More detailed information on the website
505,2 soum/day
“Ucell Sport" sports portal service “Ucell Sport” portal is a unique service provided in cooperation with the international sports event aggregator Sportradar. By subscribing to the service, the subscriber gets access to text-graphic broadcasts of major world sports events in real time. Also, as part of text-graphic broadcasts, subscribers are additionally provided with the following information - comments to the event, recaps, statistics, standings, face-to-face meetings, top statistics on players. This section may be available without a subscription in the demo version for a brief introduction to subscribers of the service.

In order to subscribe to the sports portal Ucell Sport, the subscriber must send an SMS to the short number 4017 with the code word “DA”. Service price is 505.2 soum/day with VAT. Next, the subscriber needs to follow the link from his mobile phone, tablet or computer and enter the login (his phone number) and password sent as SMS. After authorization, the subscriber will have access to all information provided on the sports portal “Ucell Sport”.

To disconnect, it is necessary to send an SMS to the short number 4017 with the code word "STOP"

More detailed information on the website
505,2 soum/day
«Baxtli yil!»  campaign With this service, subscribers can answer the questions and check their erudition in various fields of knowledge, and they also have the opportunity to win a prize in case of victory. Each day a participant receives 10 questions in the main game that he/she can answer and earn points. After passing the main game, a subscriber can take part in the bonus phase consisting of 50 questions and increase his chance of winning during the game day. Sending each answer to the question of the bonus phase is paid. If a subscriber wants to improve his result, he is given the opportunity to go through the main game again by sending the corresponding SMS request “Re” to the short number 4015. As a result of the game day, the system will accept the best result of one of the main games of the day, as well as the points earned in the bonus phase. The daily subscription fee for “Catch Success” service is 1263 soums. Subscribers can answer questions and participate in the quiz only if a subscription fee is charged.

For deactivation of service send STOP to the chosen subscription to 4015
4015, 4012, 4013 *415# 1263 soum


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