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Name of services Service description Service number Cost with VAT
Web Games Web Games is an online gaming store.
Lots of addicting games that you can play at any time without annoying ads without worrying about running out of memory on your phone. The portal is dedicated to Web Games games that can be played in a browser and requires a network connection. A variety of games are presented in several categories such as sports games, puzzles, shooting games and many more.
The service will be provided on the WEB portal

Service connection:
To activate the service, the subscriber visits the site on the page on the Internet.
It is authenticated with a code to access the site and gets access to the content.
1) The subscriber clicks the "Subscribe" button integrated on the Landing Page.
2) Then the subscriber receives SMS messages from the short service number 2580. Upon receiving a secret code on the subscriber's device, the subscriber enters this secret code into a special field on the Landing Page.
3) When the Subscriber enters the correct secret code, an SMS will be sent to the subscriber device a message from the short service number 123 informing about the connection and is redirected to the appropriate portal with subsequent authorization.
4) Also, connection to the service is carried out by the Subscriber by sending an SMS with the text "PR" to the short number 123 (SMS).
After activation, the Subscriber receives an SMS notification of the subscription with the web address of the service and the method for deactivating the service.
Disconnection of the service:
A subscriber can deactivate the service by sending an SMS-message Stop webgames to the short number 123.

The short number 7542 will be used to charge this service, which is 336.80 UZS with VAT per day by subscription.
336.8 UZS/day (VAT included)
Ramadan The “Ramadan” service is a service that allows users to receive SMS notifications indicating the time of Suhoor and Iftar during the month of Ramadan.

To connect the service:
Send an SMS with the text «RO» and the region code to number 123.

To deactivate a service:
Send an SMS with the word «STOP RO» to number 123.

Terms of connection and billing:
From the moment the service is launched from March 23, 2023 to April 23, 2023 inclusive, the subscription cost is 0 UZS. After the end of the month of Ramadan, the subscription fee for incoming / outgoing SMS to/from short number 123 is not charged.
123 0 UZS (VAT included)
“Prize 3 million” promotion "Prize 3 million" promotion.

Description of promotion:
Portal 8888 allows you to call the service number 8888 and get into the city of dating. After the subscriber has subscribed to the service, he/she automatically becomes a participant in the promotion for the current month of the ongoing promotion.
During of the promotion period, the subscriber is provided with free access to the IVR 8888 portal. The service becomes paid from the next month.
As a prize, a cash prize in the amount of 3 million UZS will be provided. The promotional draw will be held at the end of each month on the “Zamin Mobile” YouTube channel.
Within each cash prize drawing, only one participant of the promotion will be determined (among all subscribers). Winners will be determined randomly using a program (the program works on the principle of the randomizer program.), developed by Zamin Mobile LLC.

Promotion period: from July 1, 2022 to July 31, 2023.

Connection / disconnection of the service:
To activate the service, the subscriber calls the short number 8888 or sends an SMS with the letter H to 123. The subscriber can disable the service by sending an SMS message with the text STOP H to the short number 123 or by calling the short number 8888 through his/her personal account.

Service cost:
The subscriber is given a month of free use of the IVR 8888 portal, then the cost of the service will be 336.80 UZS/day.
336,80 UZS/day
“Ban on leaving” With this service you can receive information:

• about the possibility of leaving Uzbekistan;
• about the availability of debt.

The procedure for connecting / disconnecting services:

To use this service, you need to send the series and passport number (AA 1234567) to number 123. A response SMS with information to the subscriber will be sent from number 213.

The cost of each request is 336.80 soums, including VAT.

All information is taken from the official site of MIB.UZ. is responsible for the accuracy of the information.
123, 213 336,80 soums/request
IVR-portal We are pleased to announce the launch of the IVR portal in conjunction with the content provider PE “Zamin mobile”.

On the portal, you can communicate with each other, create chat rooms, play voice games, send voice greeting cards with congratulations, and also take interesting tests.

To use the portal, dial 8888.

Price of service – 336.8 soum/day.

To deactivate the service, it is necessary to send an SMS to the short number 123 with code word STOP.
8888, 123, 213 336.8 soum/day


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