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Dynamic Voice Mail

Dynamic Voice Mail

The service is temporarily unavailable.

This service allows you to receive and listen to the voice messages left to you while your phone was off or out of coverage.

Service control (activation, deactivation, status checking) can be performed by free USSD-request *977#.

Voice menu. Make a call to the short number 9977 from your phone. Mobile answering machine will play the messages left to you, and specially selected system of voice tips in the setting process and usage will help you to set service in the way you need. Listen to the instructions and press corresponding buttons at the telephone. Just listen to the instructions and press the corresponding button on the phone.

The service is free.

Maximum amount
of voice messages
(new and saved)*
Maximum length
of the voice message
60 sec
Maximum voice messages
storing period
2 days
Minimal length
of the voice message
2 sec
Voice Mailbox
storing period**
2 days

*If voice mailbox is full, and new voice message will be left, previous voice messages will be deleted, starting from the oldest ones.
** On the expiry of the voice message storing period and the absence of new voice messages, voice mailbox will be automatically deleted. Voice mailbox will be automatically re-created when a new voice message comes.

USSD-request *977#
0 sum
Subscription fee
0 sum
Daily fee
0 sum
Outgoing calls to 9977
0 sum

NOTE: If you are out of Uzbekistan and using the services of one of Ucell roaming partner, then all calls for dynamic voice mail service access (incoming and outgoing), accepted by the dynamic voice mail system are calculated in accordance with the roaming tariffs.

To avoid additional charges for roaming - tariffs, if you do not plan on using SIM-card Ucell outside the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Company recommends:

  • Before leaving the country, to remove all kinds of call forwarding (via USSD-request ##67# - to cancel forwarding of employment ##62# - to cancel forwarding of inaccessibility, ##61# - to cancel call forwarding on no reply);
  • Disable the Voice mail service and Dynamic voice mail (via USSD request *977*3*2 # and *977*4*2#);
  • Make sure that the roaming service is turned off (via the USSD request *155*3#);
  • Do not register in the network of a foreign operator, in cases where the roaming subscriber is active on the guest. If the roaming service has been disabled, and no charges in roaming will not be implemented.

The cost of a call for a caller

The cost of a call for a caller after a short beep is according to outgoing rate.


It is important to remember:

  • "Dynamic Voice Mail" service is incompatible with "Voice mail", "Voicemail for everyone" and "You’ve got a call" services. Thus, in order to activate "Dynamic voice mail" service, first you need to deactivate mentioned services.
  • If the subscriber manually sets call divert to the number of dynamic voice mail on his device, Company is not responsible for the service functionality.
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