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“Combo” service bundles

“Combo” service bundles

is a great combination of useful services at nice prices.

From 04.07.2022 “Combo” packs of services are unavailable.

Activate two services at once and enjoy!

Activation: *363#

Daily options of service bundles Daily subscription fee 30-day service bundles Activation price
“You’ve got a call” and “CLIR” 450 soums “You’ve got a call” and “CLIR” 7900 soums
“Voice mail” and “CLIR” 450 soums “Voice mail” and “CLIR” 7900 soums
“You’ve got a call” and “Daily SMS package 20” 890 soums “You’ve got a call” and “Monthly SMS package 50” 5900 soums
“You’ve got a call” and “Daily SMS package 30” 1090 soums “You’ve got a call” and “Monthly SMS package 150” 7900 soums
“You’ve got a call” and “Daily SMS package 50” 1510 soums “You’ve got a call” and “Monthly SMS package 500” 13900 soums
  • Services

    "You’ve got a call"
    With "You’ve got a call" service you will always know those who called you while you were on the subway or your phone was switched off.

    If you switched off your phone or was out of coverage area, after founding a network you will be informed by an SMS-notification that contain the following information:
    • general amount of missed calls;
    • amount of missed calls by each number;
    • date and time of last calls for each caller.
    Sample of incoming SMS message:

    You called (x) times:
    You have missed call. Subscriber +998YYxxxxxxx called you "x" time (s), last call at "lastcalltime".
    (where: х – general amount of missed calls, lastcalltime - time of last call).
    Attention! The service will not work if you have call diverting option activated on “Unreachable”.
    "Notify about me!"
    Service "Notify about me!" allows subscriber, who did not reach you, when you were out of network zone or your phone was turned off, to get appropriate SMS, as soon as you will be available, and he can recall you then.

    Subscriber should activate "You’ve got a call" service to use "Notify about me!"
    SMS messages within this service are sent to Ucell subscribers only.

    Voice Mail Service
    VMS (Voice Mail Service) – service allowing you to receive, send, listen and transfer voice messages to other Ucell subscribers.
    Using VMS, you will not miss any call, even if your cell phone is busy, switched off or at the out of coverage area.
    VMS from Ucell – it is better than just simple answering machine!

    How to use VMS service?
    We take care about simplicity and convenience of this service usage:
    • Listen and choose – call to the number 9977 from your mobile phone. Specially selected system of voice tips in the setting process and usage helps you to set service in the way you need. Listen to the instructions and press corresponding buttons on the telephone;
    • Control your mailbox though web cabinet - To receive password, send empty SMS message on 9977 number.
    NOTE: If you are outside Uzbekistan and using services of one of the roaming-partners of Ucell, then all calls for access to VMS service (outgoing and incoming) accepted by VMS system calculated in accordance with roaming tariffs.
    To avoid additional charges for roaming, if you do not plan to use Ucell SIM-card outside the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Company recommends:
    • Before leaving the country, remove all kinds of call forwarding (via USSD-request ## 67 # - to cancel forwarding of employment ## 62 # - to cancel forwarding of inaccessibility, ## 61 # - to cancel call forwarding on no reply);
    • Disable the Voice mail service and Dynamic voice mail (via USSD request *977*3*2 # and *977*4*2#);
    • Make sure that the roaming service is turned off (via the USSD request *155*3#);
    • Do not register in the network of a foreign operator, in cases where the roaming subscriber is active on the guest. If the roaming service has been disabled, than no charges in roaming will be implemented.

    Caller Identity Restriction (CLIR)
    Following service allows Ucell subscribers to make call so that the person you are calling can’t see your number on the display of his/her phone. The notification "Number is undefined" will be displayed or something else in accordance with specific cell phone options.

    Daily SMS bundles
    Daily SMS bundles – the service, within which Ucell subscriber is provided with certain amount of outgoing SMS messages for communication throughout the Republic of Uzbekistan.
    • Previously activated package will be deleted automatically while activation of any new package within the service and it’s unspent SMS messages will be summarized with new ones;
    • Amount of SMS messages is granted according to the activated bundle;
    • Residue of unspent SMS messages during the day summarize with the following granted bonus of daily SMS messages;
    • Daily SMS are appointed with validity for 30 days;
    • Summation period of unspent daily SMS messages - 30 calendar days from the date of service activation;
    • If all daily limit of SMS messages within "Daily SMS bundles" service is spent, then following outgoing messages during the day will be charged according to the tariff plan;
    • SMS messages within "Daily SMS bundles" service will be spent first if "Daily SMS bundles" and one of the SMS bundles are activated;
    • If the “Daily SMS bundles” activated simultaneously with “Monthly SMS bundle”, then firstly SMS messages will be consumed within “Daily SMS-packages” services;
    • When deactivation of any package, assigned and unspent SMS are set to zero.

    SMS bundles

    Purchase of following SMS-packages will be unavailable if:

    50 SMS - if your promo-balance contains more than 5950 SMS-messages;
    150 SMS - if your promo-balance contains more than 5850 SMS-messages;
    500 SMS – if your promo balance contains more than 5500 SMS-messages;

    Within "SMS-packages" service promotional balance will be limited by maximum of 6000 free SMS.

    SMS Blacklist
    "SMS Blacklist" service allows subscribers to block incoming SMS from Ucell subscribers’ numbers, added to the Blacklist of the service.
    After service activation, by sending an SMS message with the following text (without brackets and quotes) to short number 324, you can add numbers to the Blacklist of the service from which you don’t want to receive SMS:
    "(country code)(operator code)subscriber’s number"
    You can add up to 30 numbers to the Blacklist of the service.

    Deleting a number from the Blacklist
    To delete the number, previously added to the Blacklist of the service, you need to send SMS with the following text (without brackets and quotes) to short number 324:
    "del(country code)(operator code)subscriber’s number"
    The list of numbers in the Blacklist can be received via sending an empty SMS message to number 324.

    Price of one outgoing SMS to number 324 - 0 sum.

    Attention! SMS broadcasts with information and notification content cannot be blocked using "SMS Blacklist" service.
    Only numbers can be added to the Blacklist of the service.
    You can block incoming SMS from Ucell numbers only.
  • Terms

    • Connection of service bundles is available only to Prepaid subscribers.

    • The subscription fee for using the daily option of service bundles is charged every day.

    • If at the time of the automatic assignment of the daily option of the service bundle there are not enough funds on the subscriber’s balance, the corresponding amount will be charged according to the activated bundle, and the subscriber will be transferred to the blocked status.

    • If the service is activated and the subscriber is in blocked status, payment for the daily option of the service bundle has not been made, and the service is not provided, there will also be attempts to withdraw funds over the next 29 days. If no withdrawals occur during this period, the service is disabled.

    • Monthly service bundle options are assigned for 30 days.

    • If there is not enough money to pay for the bundle monthly options of the service bundle will not be assigned.

    • After 30 days from the moment of activation of the monthly option of the service bundle, the services will be deactivated and in order to continue using the subscriber will have to reactivate the monthly option of the service bundle.

    • Service bundles that include the daily or monthly option of the “You’ve got a call” and “Voicemail” services cannot be activated if one of the following services activated: the daily option of “You’ve got a call”, 30-day options of “You’ve got a call”, “Voicemail”, “Dynamic voicemail”, daily and monthly options of service bundles, including “You’ve got a call” and “Voicemail” services, and vice versa.

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