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A new “Smart purchase” joint campaign

A new “Smart purchase” joint campaign

Get smartphones at “Goods and service impex” LLC sales points (Ucell-Tashkent, Ucell-Jizzax, Ucell-Samarqand) with the official guarantee and receive monthly from 50 to 100% discounts for subscription fee, megabytes and paid category numbers from Ucell!

Model range of smartphones

The following model range of smartphones participates in the campaign with an official 1 year guarantee:

Product lineup Tariff plans/ internet packages Discount % for 6 months Category number Discount % to connect a number
Galaxy Note9 512GB Active 90 50% for subscription fee
(45 000 soums)
Platinum 100%
Galaxy S9+ (256 Gb)
Galaxy Note8
Galaxy S9
Galaxy S8
Galaxy J7 (2017)
Galaxy A8+
Galaxy J6 Prime
Galaxy A6+ 32GB Active 60 50% for subscription fee
(30 000 soums)
Gold 100%
Galaxy J4 Prime
Galaxy J5 (2017)
Galaxy J5 Prime
Galaxy J4 16GB
MDC Prime S Active 40 50% for subscription fee
(20 000 soums)
Silver 100%
Galaxy A6 32GB
Galaxy J6 32GB
Galaxy J3 (2017)
Galaxy J2 Core
Galaxy J2 (2018)
MDC Prime Lite Excellent mood 50% for subscription fee
(10 000 soums)
Silver 100%
Galaxy J2
MDC Grand
MDC Grand Pro
MDC Nova
MDC Optima Cool mood 50% for subscription fee
(7 500 soums)
Silver 100%
Galaxy Tab E 9.6" 2 GB 100 % for package    
Galaxy Tab A 8.0" 4 GB 100 % for package    
Galaxy Tab S4 10.5" 6 GB 100 % for package    
Galaxy Tab S3 9.7" 4 GB 100 % for package    
Galaxy Tab A 7.0" 2 GB 100 % for package    
Get a bonus
  • Buy a product  in Legal Phone promo-sales points (smartphone or tablet) and receive a certificate for a bonus from the Company.
Addresses of promo-points:

Name of the office Address
Ucell-Tashkent 118, Vakhidov st., Tashkent city
Landmark: “GRAND MIR” hotel (former hotel “Russia”)
Ucell-Jizzax 63, Sh. Rashidov st., Jizzakh town
Landmark: medical school or regional hospital
Ucell-Samarqand 74, Yusuf Khamadoniy st., Samarkand city
  • Show a certificate, a smartphone with box and a warranty book with a seal of a sales point in one of Ucell sales office (“COSCOM” LLC).
It is necessary to have the original passport with you (or other identity document).
  • Connect to Ucell network in accordance with current procedures (including payment for a new connection to the selected tariff plan) or notify Ucell representative that you are already a Ucell subscriber.
  • Get a bonus from Ucell to your number according to the device you have purchased!
  • Bonus is granted to subscribers who have purchased one of the mobile devices mentioned above.
  • Bonuses are given once for one mobile device and for one subscriber number, and are also assigned only to active Ucell subscribers of the Prepaid system.
  • 2 GB, 4 GB, or 6 GB are assigned every 30 days during 6 months.
  • The discount for monthly subscription fee for the tariff plan is available for 6 months.
  • The bonuses are granted on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • The subscriber can disconnect the provided bonus before its expiration by submitting an application to the offices of “COSCOM” LLC.
  • Campaign is valid from 20.11.2018 till 31.03.2019.
  • The validity period of the certificate obtained when buying product is till March 31, 2019 (inclusive).
  • Check the balance of internet traffic: *103#.
  • You can use bonuses only in active status.
  • When attempting to re-register already used or purchased smartphones earlier than the dates of campaign, the organizers have the right to refuse in participation in the promotion.
  • Re-registration of the number received within the campaign is not available for 12 months from the day of activation.
Organizers have the right to change the terms of the campaign or suspend it ahead of schedule without prior notice.


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