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“Wish number” beautiful numbers campaign

“Wish number” beautiful numbers campaign

From July 26, 2017 Ucell - “Wish number” promo campaign. 

Category of a beautiful number Cost of a beautiful number  Cost for connection to a number within the frame of the campaign Tariff plan within the frame of the campaign Daily subscription fee/ daily tariff limits Required quantity of successfully charged subscription fees for the tariff plan *
"Bronze" 41679 sum  4000 sum "Happy 25 BN" 1052,5 sum
25 minutes and 25 SMS within Uzbekistan, 25 MB
"Silver" 79990 sum "Happy 25 BN" 120
"Gold" 248390 sum "Exact BN" 2105 sum
50 minutes and 50 SMS within Uzbekistan, 33 MB
"Platinum" 500990 sum "Exact BN" 360
"VIP" 1258790 sum "Successful BN" 4210 sum
500 minutes within the network,100 minutes и 500  SMS within Uzbekistan, 100 MB
LUX** 2100790 sum 750

*Subscriber may swap to other prepaid tariff plans after successful charging of subscription fees specified on the table. To swap to other tariff plans (“Positive” and “Simple”) you need to dial *140#. Also tariff plan might be changed via personal cabinet or in one of the company offices. To check whether subscription fees were charged successfully you may dial *140#.

**Since February 8, 2018, paid "Lux" category numbers will not be available for connection within "Wish number" campaign.

On “Happy 25 BN”, “Exact BN” and “Successful BN” tariff plans "Re-execution of the Contract" service is not available.

  • Campaign conditions
    Dear subscribers, we kindly ask you to pay attention to “Wish number” campaign conditions:
    1. The validity period of the campaign is from July 18, 2017 to July 18, 2018.
    2. The campaign is valid only with a new connection.
    3. You can connect to the campaign in Ucell offices or at official dealer sales points.
    4. The cost and the rules of connection to Ucell network during the campaign remains unchanged. More details about this you can find here.
    5. On the tariff plans "Happy 25 BN ", "Exact BN " and "Successful BN ", connected within the frame of the campaign, the subscriber number automatically goes to the blocked status when his/her balance is 0 sum, where he/she can stay for a period of 60 days maximum. If, after 60 days from the moment of blocking, the subscriber number has not been transferred to the "Active" status, the agreement on the provision of cellular radiotelephone communication services in the network of COSCOM LLC with the subscriber is terminated unilaterally. In the first ten days after blocking, free incoming calls and SMS are available for subscriber. All other conditions of the tariff plans "Happy 25 BN ", "Exact" and "Successful" you can find here (ссылка).
    6. The “Number freeze” service is not available for the subscribers connected within the frame of campaign to “Happy 25 BN”, “Exact BN” and “Successful BN” tariff plans.

    Since February 8, 2018, paid "Lux" category numbers is not available for connection within "Wish number" campaign.

More about “Happy 25 BN”“Exact BN”  and “Successful BN” tariff plans.

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