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Odnoklassniki SMS

Odnoklassniki SMS

Now Ucell subscribers can receive an SMS notifications on their mobile phone about events that occurs in personal profile on and also answer on personal messages via SMS message to short number 6565.


For Ucell subscribers available following SMS notifications:

  • Received gifts
  • Received messages
  • Messages in forum
  • Comments to photos
  • Comments to statuses
  • Birthdays and celebrations of friends.

Service cost

Daily fee - 0 sum;
Price per 1 incoming SMS message - 0 sum;
Price per 1 outgoing SMS message - 42.1 sum.

Management of service

Service is available for Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers and does not require activation.

For using of Odnoklassniki SMS service, you should be registered on and be Ucell subscriber.

If you not registered in “” social network .

If you don’t have an account on you can create it by clicking the registration link.

If you already registered in “” social network.

  1. It is necessary to log-in on;
  2. In “Change settings” section choose “Phone number” to specify phone number in international format (+9989Yxxxxxxx) and press “Send” button;
  3. You will receive SMS code for confirmation on specified number which should be specified in appropriate field of confirmation;
  4. Go to “notification settings” section and note events which you want to receive on specified phone number.

You can also set the period during which SMS notifications will be sent to the specified phone number. The period is specified by Moscow time.

To unsubcribe from service, send message on 6565 with word STOP

All prices are VAT inclusive.

How to communicate

To answer on personal message on social network page, you can send a reply via SMS message on short number 6565.

Incoming message from number 6565 displayed on your mobile phone as follows:

“Name/Nickname of friend: text of message. To answer, start SMS with XXX”, where XXX – unique figure, which assigned only for 1 person from list of friends, who wrote message.

Example of incoming message:

“Alisher: Hello. I have so good news and I want to share it with you, but you offline. To answer, start SMS with 5”

Outgoing message on number 6565 should be written as follows:

“XXX text of message”

Example of outgoing message:

“5 Hello. Alisher, share the news with me. Now I can answer to you via mobile phone”


  • Subscriber will not receive SMS notifications on his phone while he online on
  • If personal message is from someone who is not in the list of friends then you receive incoming SMS message with following text: "У вас новое сообщение." .
How to deactivate
  1. For deactivation of service you should log-in on and choose section “Change settings”
  2. In “Notification settings” section remove all marks
  3. Then save setting by pressing “Save” button.
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