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“Convenient minutes” bundle within Uzbekistan

“Convenient minutes” minutes within Uzbekistan bundle

Not enough minutes for communication within the tariff plan?
Now they can be obtained additionally with "Convenient minutes" bundle!

Bundles are available for subscribers of "Sof 18", "Sof 30",  "Student", "Drive", "Fabulous internet", More, Simple tariffs, on "Mood", "Active", "Special", "Cosmo", "Tantana" tariff lines, also the tariffs within "Wish number 2.0" campaign.
You can activate bundle via USSD request: .
Checking the limits via USSD-request: .

Within “We appreciate you!” loyalty program “Convenient minutes” bundles are available to subscribers with the following statuses with 10% discount:
• “Honorable”, being in Ucell network for 3 months or more;
• “Respectable”.
You can take advantage of the service via special USSD request *136#. Detailed info

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Minutes bundle

Choose the package of minutes suitable for you:

Bundles of minutes Limits on weekdays (Monday-Friday) Limits on weekends (Saturday-Sunday) NEW! Packages’ price Validity period
"Convenient minutes 100 200" 100 minutes within Uzbekistan +100 minutes within Uzbekistan 4000 soums 30 days
"Convenient minutes 300 600" 300 minutes within Uzbekistan +300 minutes within Uzbekistan 8000 soums 30 days
"Convenient minutes 600 1200" 600 minutes within Uzbekistan +600 minutes within Uzbekistan 12000 soums 30 days
  • Activating / deactivating / checking the status of "Convenient minutes" bundle – *130#;
  • Check remaining minutes – *109#;
  • The bundle can not be assigned with a negative balance;
  • First of all, it’s spent the minutes included in the limits of the tariff plans, and then the minutes within "Convenient minutes" bundle;
  • The package is automatically assigned in the following order:
    • The package is assigned automatically with sufficient balance after the expiration of the bundle;
    • From 01.11.202, “Convenient Minutes” packages with auto-renewal function will be assigned every 30 days from the date of successful debiting of funds for the package (if there is enough funds to pay for the package in full);
    • If you activate a new "Convenient minutes" bundle before expiration of the previous bundle, the limits of the new bundle will be added to the existing ones by the terms of new bundle, and the validity period of the bundle will be equal to the expiration date of the new activated bundle.
  • If you select a bundle without automatic assignment function, the bundle is assigned once for a period of 30 days without subsequent assignment;
  • The term of the newly activated one-time package does not extend the term of the previously assigned package (using the automatic assignment function), therefore, the limits in the packages are not summarized;
  • Assigned minutes are available for subscribers only in active status;
  • Prices are inclusive of taxes.

ATTENTION! If a subscriber makes an outgoing call in the last hour of the package validity and ends it the next day (when the package validity period has already expired), then billing for the entire call will be made according to the session start time, taking into account the unused package limits.

Subscribers who have already activated automatic assignment function, “Convenient minutes” packages which are in effect from February 18, 2019, will be provided with the subsequent automatic assignment of the package.If the subscriber wants to receive the updated conditions, without waiting for the expiration date of the existing one, he needs to disable this package and re-activate the bundle;
In the event that minutes within the “Convenient minutes” bundle, provided for use on weekends, expire before the package expires, and there are the minutes for weekdays are not used up, the minutes for weekdays become available throughout the week before expiration of the bundle.
Pay attention
  • "Convenient minutes" bundle is available for Prepaid subscribers of all regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • Bundles are available for subscribers of "Sof 18", "Sof 30", "Student", More, Simple tariffs, on "Mood", "Active", "Special",  "Cosmo", "Tantana" tariff lines, also the tariffs within "Wish number 2.0" campaign.
  • In case of swap to Internet 60 , the commercial Convenient minutes service and within the bounds of loyalty program "We appreciate you" will be deactivated and minutes within the service will be reset.

Before use, check assigned limits via *109#.


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