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"Reserved SIM-card"

The service "Reserved SIM-card" will allow you replace SIM-card by yourself at any time in case of failure, loss or theft of your main SIM-card without visiting of Ucell front offices.

Price of the service subscription: 10.000 sum.


"Reserved SIM-card" service is provided only to citizens of Uzbekistan, according to the provided passport, for numbers of VIP category and below.

When activating, service price is charged from a subscriber's balance.

Remote SIM-card replacement

  1. Send USSD-request *121*1*(unique 14-digit code)# from any number Ucell;
  2. Insert the SIM-card, which was provided to you while "Reserve SIM-card" service subscription, into the mobile device;
  3. Turn on your mobile device and in a few minutes you will get an SMS-notification that the SIM-card replacement was successfully performed.

* A unique 14-digit code is confidential, and the subscriber is obliged to ensure its safety.

Important to know
  1. To subscribe «Reserved SIM-card« service your mobile number should be in active status.
  2. Reserved SIM-card can be activated within 3 years from the date of the service subscription.
  3. If the main mobile number is terminated, the service will be also automatically deactivated, and money for the unused deactivated service is non-refundable.
  4. If «Reserved SIM-card« service has been subscribed, but reserved SIM-card has not been activated yet, you will not be able to subscribe «Reserved SIM-card« service again.
  5. Reserved SIM-card does not work simultaneously with the main SIM-card.
  6. The subscriber’s number cannot be available simultaneously on the two SIM-cards. When reserved SIM-card is activated, the main SIM-card is terminated, and from that moment only reserved SIM-card will be active.

Contact one of Ucell front offices in the following cases::

  1. When you lose a spare SIM-card - to resubscribe «Reserved SIM-card« service. Resubscription of the service is fee based.
  2. In case of loss* of a unique 14-digit code - for its recovery. 14-digit code recovery is free of charge.


When visiting the Company's front office you should have a document on the basis of which the contract was signed: passport, military form №33 (for those who are on military service), accreditation card (for members of diplomatic missions), residence permit (for foreign citizens) or stateless persons ID (for stateless persons).

* The Company is not responsible for the safety of the unique 14-digit code, which is provided to the subscriber within "Reserve SIM-card service". All responsibility for the safety of personal data is on the subscriber. In the case of non-compliance of privacy rules, the subscriber is responsible for all actions that can be taken by using his/her number.


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