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 "Additional information"

Subscribers number are blocked at reduction of rest account funds till zero.

Ultimate periods for a number to stay in a ‘blocked status’ before termination:

  120 days for «Mood», COSMO, Tantana tariff lines and Ovoz 15 tariff plan

  90 days for “Home”, “Student”, “More!”, “Marhamat”, “Simple” or “Start 10” tariff plans.

  150 days for Doimiy, Sof, Special, Special +, Active tariff lines;

  When purchasing desired number - 60 days (Beautiful number in installments, Desired Number, Wished number 2022).

Please be informed that the SMS-notifications concerning the state of balance (financial balance of your phone number) are sent automatically by the system whenever funds amount drops to 4210 UZS and 631,5 UZS due to activation of paid services and packages of the Company, as well as subscription fee payment, disregarding time of a day. To avoid disturbance brought by incoming messages during nights, we highly recommend you to set your phone to a silent or moderate mode.

Blocking conditions

The subscriber`s number is blocked when the balance on the account is reduced to zero (for “Sof” TL: the number is blocked in case of insufficient funds on the balance at the time of writing off the monthly subscription fee according to the tariff plan).

In the blocked status:
- Communication services, the change of the tariff plan, the possibility of purchasing additional services are not available;
- Free incoming calls and SMS, calls to IVR, calls to emergency numbers and service numbers, account replenishment are available for up to 80 days of being blocked (if there are no additional prohibitions under the specific tariff plan).

If the subscriber does not replenish the account within 80 days from the moment of blocking, then on the 81st day all calls are blocked, with the exception of outgoing calls to IVR, emergency numbers and service numbers. The ability to receive any SMS messages remains.

If the subscriber does not replenish the account before the expiration of the period of stay in the blocked status, the Contract is terminated and the phone number goes to the list of available numbers.

In this case, in order to resume using Ucell services, the subscriber should reconnect to the Prepaid system.

Subscriber’s number blocking period, whom the Company has limited or suspended the provision of services in accordance with, and 3.1.3. statements of the Contract for the provision of cellular radiotelephone communication services is 30 calendar days from the moment of blocking. 

To resume the use of services for blocked subscriber numbers before the expiration of 30 days from the moment of blocking, the subscriber needs to apply to one of the Company's own offices with an identity document and a SIM card of a blocked number.

A subscriber number is not subject to unblocking if the number was used to install access gateways to a fixed network and IP telephony, manufacture for sale or sale and distribution of special software or hardware to obtain illegal (unauthorized) access to a protected computer system, and to telecommunications networks, as well as illegal (unauthorized) access to a telecommunications network for the purpose of using it and passing international traffic bypassing established protection systems, as well as storing and creating conditions for the operation of special software or hardware designed for these purposes and other activities that lead to malfunction of the equipment or communication devices of the Company. After 30 days, the subscriber number is terminated, and the Agreement is terminated by the Company unilaterally.

If the subscriber number has been blocked due to lotteries, voting, competitions, advertising, surveys, mass mailings, the subscriber must submit an application to the Company for unblocking and not using the subscriber number for the above purposes further. The Company reserves the right to refuse to unblock and terminate the subscriber number unilaterally after 30 days.

Help-desk department

We remind that 8123 number can be called by just only Ucell subscribers and just only from mobile phone. This service will help you to get information:

  • about addresses of offices and agent points;
  • about the company network status;
  • about the service of international automatic roaming;
  • about all the international tariffs;
  • about the corporate service;
  • about the current dollar rate;
  • about the all share and innovation conducted by our company. about the all share and innovation conducted by our company.

Calls to number 8123 are not charged.


The company recommends to activate/deactivate additional services between 05:00 and 22:00.
This recommendation is due to the possible implementation of works on equipment for the provision of services related to the production need.
During these works activation/deactivation of additional services may not be available.

Checking the balance of limits: USSD – *100#, *102#, 103# and *104#.
To receive accurate information about the remaining limits, send a USSD-request only after all events are completed (calls, Internet, SMS).

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We ask you to follow ethical standards of communication when applying to the Company. Otherwise, the Company reserves the right to leave such an appeal without consideration.

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