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Tariff "Positive"

Tariff "Positive"

"Positive" tariff subscribers have more reasons for good mood from now on!

From 18.06.2018 tariff plan is not  available for subscriptions and swapping.
Changes in terms on tariff plans will be in effect from April 22, 2019, after 16:00.

Subscribers are assigned a daily bonus of 150 MB for TAS-IX zone, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, when the subscription fee is successfully charged.

Only with "Positive" tariff you will get three benefits:

1. When one-timed top-up of account*:

 for 8 000 sum – 11 999 sum - 100 outgoing minutes within network

 or 12 000 sum and more! - 200 outgoing minutes within network & 100 SMS within Uzbekistan

2. Free communication within the network before the end of the day** 

3. Calls to Ucell "Favorite number" for 21.05 sum per minute! ***!

Limit check:
*104# - check the remaining minutes limits
*103# - check MB within the tariff plan

*Limits for TAS-IX, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp are available for usage only when there are at least 1750 soums in the main balance or 5 MB for external internet. 

Limits for refill
All the “Positive” tariff subscribers get when refill their balance:
  • 100 outgoing minutes within network with 7 days expiration for 8 000 sum – 11 999 sum one timed top-up!
  • 200 outgoing minutes within network & 100 SMS within Uzbekistan with 7 days expiration for 12 000 sum one timed top-up and more!*
All the funds from the balance can be spend for other the liked by subscribers Company’ services and products self-determined!
Daily fee 500 sum
Daily limits for TAS-IX, Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook
(For successfully charged subscription fee)
150 MB
Type of call
Per minute price
All incoming calls 0 sum
Outgoing calls within network 95 sum
Outgoing calls within Uzbekistan 125 sum
Outgoing calls to "Favorite number" 21.05 sum
Type of message
Per message price
SMS within Uzbekistan 80 sum
International SMS 1 000 sum
MMS within Uzbekistan 210.5 sum
MMS International 1263 sum
Per MB price
Ucell Internet 450 sum
Ucell Wap 450 sum
Additional terms

* Validity of bonus minutes and SMS - 7 days from the date of assignment.
Each new bonus is added to the balance of the previous and the period of validity is extended for 7 days from the date of new bonus assignment.

Maximum of bonus minutes could be collected is 5000 minutes within network.
  • Bonus minutes and SMS are not available for subscribers in roaming and cannot be used for Company's paid services and services provided by third parties.
  • Assigned bonuses are available for usage in Active state only.
  • Bonus amount check is available via *104#, *103#.
** If subscriber has spent 4210 sum and more during the day (00:02 - 22:59:59hh) for outgoing calls within Uzbekistan (within and outside the network), he gets an opportunity call within network for free till the end of the day (till 23:59:59hh).

*** The "Favorite number" term (Ucell number)
  • Ucell mobile number could be entered as "Favorite number" only.
  • Please, send *797*1#*9989xxxxxxx#calI in order to activate your favorite Ucell number.
  • Please, send *797*2#*9989xxxxxxx#calI if you want to deactivate favorite number.
  • For more information about "Favorite number" term, please, send *797#call request.
  • You can change or deactivate favorite number once per day only.
  • After swapping from "Positive" tariff to on any other available tariff plan, you should remove favorite number with the help of USSD-request *797*2*subscriber's number#call in order to avoid incorrect charges to this number.
List of IP-addresses that are determined by the area of TAS-IX, can be downloaded here.
If the site stated in the TAS-IX zone does not include a range of IP addresses specified above, the Company will not be responsible for the spent traffic.

The additional "Conference call", "Waiting/holding of call" and "VIP" services are unavailable of current tariff.

The daily fee is charged in Active state regardless of the account balance.

Daily fee for the first day will be written off at the time of transition immediately after swap from any Prepaid tariff to the current tariff.

All prices include VAT.

"Positive" tariff is available for Prepaid system’s subscribers only.
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