For corporations

For corporations


What is Postpaid?

Postpaid – the system of post payment service. It is the mode of service payment implying that operator, at first, provides the service to the subscriber in the framework of concluded agreement, and only then charges this subscriber. The process of charging and presentation of invoices is made on a regular basis and usually covers the indicated in the agreement calendar period of time (month). Subscriber must pay the amount of invoice during indicated in the agreement period of time. In case of untimely payment, subscriber may be imposed with the sanctions indicated in the agreement (blocking of number, agreement dissolution).
In order to determine to which service system belongs your subscriber number dial free request *450#.

  • Is it possible to set up a corporate contract with dealers?
    No, a contract for corporate tariff plans can only be concluded at corporate service offices.
  • What kind of documents are required for setting up corporate contract?
    For setting up contract legal entity must present appeal letter with full details of organization, a passport copy of the authorized representative, copy of organization’s “Guvohnoma”, bank details.
  • Our organization needs verification act of mutual settlement for certain period. Is it possible to get?
    Yes it is, for receiving verification act of mutual settlement you need to address to Department of corporate sales by an official letter by fax +998712521000 or
  • By which date it is required to pay account for network services?
    Accounts for prepayment can be paid at any time. Regular (monthly) accounts are valid until 20th of next month. Offering network services to Client are provided on terms of prepayment. Company has right to stop providing network services by all numbers of Client in case of lowering sum of personal account of Client till the level, lower than Company established disconnection threshold.
  • Postpaid numbers are registered to name of another legal entity. My company is ready to pay telephone expenses of staff of that company by bank transfer. How this can be done?
    It is required to set up Contract-Warranty, form of which you can get in our office.
  • Can a legal entity become subscriber of Ucell?
    Yes, of course. Juridical people are provided with special tariff rates and additional privilege. More you can learn here.
  • If in current month I have not used whole package of minutes, will the remain be transferred to next month?
    Remain of prepaid package of minutes, SMS-messages or GPRS-Internet traffic at the end of each settlement days will be annulled. At first day of next month (from the beginning of new settlement days, one time in a month) you will be provided new volume of minutes and other services, set by tariff.
  • I am individual entrepreneur. What kind of documents are required for me to set up contract?
    In your case for connecting to Ucell you are required to have passport and certificate about registry in Signlie governmental list of entrepreneurs, appeal letter to our Company.
  • Where I can get details for transfer of cashless payment?
    Our personal details you can always obtain through reference division of Corporate Customers Services Unit by 8111, +998931840900, +998933820909 numbers.


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