Fraud prevention and Speak-up line

Fraud prevention and Speak-up line

Dear Subscribers! Warning!

On October 22, 2018, some legislative acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan aimed at ensuring public safety were introduced and supplemented.

According to Article 155 and 278 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan for illegal (unauthorized) access to the telecommunications network, the punishment is up to imprisonment from 3 to 5 years.


If you know that you get an incoming call from overseas, and your phone displays a mobile number of the local operator, we kindly ask you to inform about displayed number by contacting with:
Thus, you will help us to protect our subscribers’ rights to receive a quality communication services and to support the operator in active struggle against fraudsters.

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Thanks you in advance for your cooperation!


Dear Citizens!
The Company operates the "Speak-Up" line +998-94-900666 and the web portal for the "Speak-Up" line to receive voice messages about violations and inappropriate behavior.

Please be aware that all calls made to the “Speak-Up” line are recorded and logged anonymously.
You will have two minutes (120 seconds) to record an audio report of any violation or inappropriate behavior.

The “Speak-Up” Hotline does not accept general complaints, such as complaints about quality of services, pricing or tariffs. Customers can find out the answer to their questions or problems at the Customer Support Center.

Before using "Speak-up" line, please read carefully the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Chapter 5, Articles 139-140. 
We believe that timely response to violations of official ethics will contribute to strict observance and strict execution by responsible employees of their official duties and will help to preserve the high prestige of the Company.


Dear subscribers!

The company notifies that a fraudulent site has appeared on the Internet, on which a quiz in honor of 23rd anniversary of Ucell, with the prize of Galaxy Samsung S9 + telephone. When answering all questions, a message appears about the need to fill out a questionnaire and transfer funds in the amount of $ 1 from foreign currency plastic cards. To avoid unforeseen expenses, we ask you not to fall for the tricks of scammers.

Due to considerable increase of mobile fraud cases Ucell warns all subscribers to be cautious in order to avoid financial losses.

The following schemes are among the most common types of mobile fraud resulting in unauthorized write-off of money from personal subscriber account:

  • Subscriber receives an SMS notification about a prize winning and a request to follow certain instructions.
  • Subscriber receives an SMS notification about personal bank card account blocking and a request to make a call and follow certain instructions.
  • Fraudster calls subscriber on behalf of service provider company which tests any service/equipment. Then fraudster asks subscriber to make a call or follow other instructions.
  • Subscriber receives an SMS notification with a request to send another SMS to a short number for unlocking social media account.
  • Subscriber receives an MMS or SMS notification from unknown number containing active links.
  • Subscriber receives a call from unknown number (most often foreign number). At the answer to this call, connection suddenly breaks and subscriber receives an SMS notification from unknown number with a request to call back. When subscriber dials this number, answerphone responds and tries to hold subscriber on the line as long as possible while fraudster withdraws money from subscriber’s personal account.

Attention! If you faced one of the abovementioned schemes, you could be a fraud victim. In order to prevent mobile fraud consequences, please, adhere to the following precautionary measures:

  • Don’t rush to follow instructions and requests of strangers;
  • Don’t trust doubtful sources;
  • Contact Ucell Call Center to clarify any information
Call Center
Contact phone
Opening hours
For Ucell subscribers
For subscribers of other mobile operators
+998(93)1800000 +998(93)1810000
For landline numbers
93 1800000
93 1810000
  • Don’t disclose personal information to strangers even if they present themselves as bank’s employees or other authorized organizations’ representatives;
  • Don’t publish confidential information in social networks;
  • Don’t open attached files and don’t follow active links received from unknown numbers;
  • Delete messages containing active links and received from unknown numbers;
  • Don’t install applications from doubtful sources;
  • Use anti-virus software for phones, provided only by official suppliers;
  • Don’t send SMS to doubtful numbers;
  • Don’t call back to unknown international numbers and contact Ucell Call Center for more detailed information about received call or SMS;
  • Don’t give your SIM card to strangers. Don’t leave it in service centers or phone repair centers. Remember: SIM card cloning takes few minutes using modern equipment. Cloned SIM card can bring serious financial and non-financial damage;
  • Be careful when transferring money using "Mobile transfer" service. Transfer money only to the known numbers and carefully check entered data;
  • Remember IMEI (a unique code) of your phone! You can find IMEI by dialing *#06# in your phone. In case of loss/theft, you have a chance to find your phone if somebody called from it at least once. It is necessary as soon as possible to contact your nearest Ucell customer service office to block or restore SIM-card. At the same time, it is necessary to report to the police.

Recommendation to parents:

  • Don’t buy your child expensive mobile phone;
  • Deactivate roaming, international calls and GPRS Internet services on your child’s mobile phone;
  • For protection of your child against undesirable calls, use “Calls Filter” service;
  • Explain your child about the dialing rules to emergency services:
New number
Fire service
Gas service
Referral service
Rescue service
Other services
  • Install speed dial of your contact numbers on your child’s phone, allowing to make a call by pressing one key;

Ucell seeks to protect its own clients from unfair users of mobile services and combats mobile fraud.

We do care about you and would like to protect you from unforeseen unpleasant situations! You can always consult us via "Personal cabinet" by choosing request type "Fraud Suspicion" or via Ucell Call Center and our specialists would be glad to assist you!






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Fraud prevention and Speak-up line

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